Silver Lake Automation partners with several well-known highly reputable companies to provide quality components in our products as well as provide invaluable services to our customers. We solidify these relationships through certification and professional training.

Siemens logo- Systems Integrator- Automation- partners

Siemens –
Systems Integrator / Automation

Authorized Integrator

We are proud to be a Siemens Certified Systems Integrator, proudly using quality Siemens components in our products.

Kawasaki Robots- Preferred Integrator logo

Kawasaki Robotics –
Preferred Integrator

Authorized Integrator

We are proud to be a certified and trained preferred integrator for Kawasaki Robotics.

Omron-Integrator logo Certified Robotics System Integrator

Omron Robots –
Certified Robotics System Integrator

Authorized Integrator

We are proud to be a certified and trained authorized systems integrator for Omron Robotics.

Tosibox_Certified Integrator

Tosibox –
Certified Integrator – IT

Authorized Integrator

See our success story of how partnering with Tosibox provided a technology solution that could reliably provide secure, remote access to its customers’ systems, was fast and easy to deploy, and could efficiently support diverse system topologies and communications protocols in different industries.  Read more …

O'Hara Technologies logo

O’Hara Technologies –
Service Provider

Authorized Service Provider

We provide calibration services, start-up, and troubleshooting services for O’Hara customers. See more of the SERVICES we offer.

Rockwell Allen Bradley Recognized System Integrator

Rockwell Automation –
Recognized System Integrator

Authorized Integrator

We are a recognized systems integrator for Rockwell and are proud to use quality Allen Bradley components in our products.

CTS logo
cts- aiv robots

CTS Smart Logistics 

Authorized Distributor

We are an authorized distributor for CTS. Their Smart Logistics brochure details solutions for your factory and their autonomous intelligent vehicles (AIV/AMR).  Available for download -click HERE.

oee datawatch logo

OEE DataWatch

Authorized Integrator & Distributor

We are an authorized integrator and distributor for OEE Datawatch.