Automated Guided Vehicles

Smart Logistics – Silver Lake Automation distributes Global AGV pallet transports/forklifts.  These automated guided vehicles allow you to streamline your business the easy way by increasing efficiency, improving productivity, and releasing employee resources.

We proudly offer the Global AGV from the only supplier in the market. This innovative economical standard product handles your simple pallet transports from A to B.

No longer for just large companies, now small and medium-size businesses can use automated technology to move products from the pallet wrapper to the warehouse, from the conveyor to the wrapper, as well as transport items for long distances.

Global AGV is automation the easy way!

See why:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy installation and commissioning in 2-3 days
  • Easy integration into existing environments
  • User-friendly standard applications and interfaces
  • Flexible and simple route setups
  • Dual-mode with automatic or manual operations
  • Proven fork-lift technology
  • Pallet transports with a signal exchange or push button functionality

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Automation/Smart Logistics  –

The Future of Work

  • Built on proven technology
  • Efficient and safe
  • Experience less damage to goods
  • Decrease warehouse collisions

Reduce Wasted Time and Stress –

Driverless Forklift Truck

Looking to optimize your production line? Global AGV’s driverless forklift truck provides high-level demands of efficient automation to your facility. The automated guided vehicle transports products within the warehouse as well as collects and empties empty pallets.

Danish seafood producer A. Espersen supplies breaded fish to over 39 countries and several high-profile businesses, including McDonald’s.  Their facility installed BILA’s driverless forklift truck. This automation reduced factory bottlenecks, increased production, and solved labor staffing problems.

A documented case study gives insight into modernizing business logistics with automated guided vehicles.

Bilo driverless forklift truck

Free up employees for other tasks-

The Benefits of Driverless Forklifts

An English potato packing plant, Bennet Potatoes, also discovered the benefits of Global AGV by implementing a driverless forklift truck from Global AGV.

The automated guided vehicle prepares both sacks and boxes of potatoes for distribution – a process previously done manually by three employees. The AGV implementation addressed the factory’s lack of space and logistical challenges, creating hold-ups and bottlenecks at the production line.

Silver Lake Automation authorized distributor of Global AGV Driverless Forklift

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