Silver Lake Automation’s engineers recently installed a “Start-to-Finish” automated robot palletizing system for a local South Georgia farmer in nearby Toombs County.

The custom-designed engineered Kawasaki system automatically transports and conveys the farm-grown onions into custom boxes. Silver Lake Automation’s robotic system provides easy movement of the containers. It utilizes check weighing capabilities to ensure quality control and accuracy during the produce-packaging process.

However, the key to the operation is the robotic palletizer. Deployed inline is an automatic box closer and taper. This robotic palletizer utilizes a custom-engineered EoAT (end-of-arm tooling) for picking up 160+ pounds of boxes, 70-pound pallets, or slip sheets – all without changing the tooling. This eliminates heavy lifting by employees and frees workers to conduct other vital tasks.

Silver Lake Automation EoAT

By automating the packaging line, production time increases dramatically, thus increasing overall profitability for this nearby agricultural facility and farmer. See automated robot palletizing in action. 

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